ASPA's 2024 Annual Conference will take place in person in Minneapolis, April 12-16. The premier professional development event of the year for those who practice, teach or study public administration, ASPA's Annual Conference is the only space in the profession that convenes all of us for in-depth conversations, research presentations, workshops, networking and so much more.

The 2024 conference features 150 panels across six tracks (to be announced in the coming months), each examining this year's theme: Building Resilient Communities.
A Note About This Year's Logo
The 2024 conference logo colors are similar to those in the Minnesota state flag, recognizing our host state's color palette. (Note: The logo was created before the state redesigned the flag to new colors; the blue remains consistent between the old and new flags.) The color blocks within the circle of the logo represent the confluence of the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, in homage to the impact the rivers have had on our host city's history and development.

ASPA's 2024 Annual Conference pocket guide is available to view. Note that this replaces our traditional program book: The session details usually available there are now in the ASPA mobile app. Please use the pocket guide for high-level information and to check the schedule and maps as needed.