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September 14, 2022

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ASPA Launches Public Administration Today

ASPA is pleased to announce it has launched a new online community: Public Administration Today. This outlet is one more tool we are happy to provide as part of our mission to advance excellence in public service and ensure you have what you need to deliver the highest level of ethical, efficient service to your constituents.

Public Administration Today brings together the widest set of expert, thought-leadership content from hundreds of sources. Powered by Aggregage technology, this website uses smart algorithms, social media and audience-driven data—customized to your preferences!—to deliver the most relevant, curated content you can find online.

With this new resource, you can access the best expert insights, in-depth analysis and latest information from hundreds of sources, all in one place. More, you are welcome to submit your own content to be added to this site.

If you have not done so yet, visit the website, create your account, provide your preferences and start enjoying the information available there!

We are excited to launch this new community. We hope you enjoy this valuable resource and let us know if you have thoughts or ideas on how to make this service better.

ASPA Searches for Next PAR Editor in Chief

ASPA has issued a Request for Proposals for the next Editor in Chief of Public Administration Review (PAR), its flagship professional journal. The new editor’s term will begin January 1, 2024, preceded by a six-month transition period. All proposals are due by October 31, 2022 at 5 p.m. EDT. If you are considering submitting a proposal, you have less than two months to finalize your package.

Through the outstanding efforts of its editorial team, led by Editor in Chief Jeremy Hall of the University of Central Florida, PAR has achieved significant success in terms of its readership, impact and contributions to the study and practice of the field. It has earned the top ranking in Thomson Reuters' Journal Citation Reports five-year metrics, ranks No. 2 in its two-year metrics for 2021 (behind Policy and Society) and stands atop Google Scholar's Public Policy and Administration ranking for 2018-2021. It also has seen substantial increases in its downloads and other access metrics.

The Editor in Chief is one of ASPA's most visible public figures and ASPA is looking to the next editor to sustain and build on the record of accomplishment made in the past several years.

Please visit our website to review the Request for Proposals, search and selection timeline and other details about the process. You also may download a PDF of the RFP here. Those who missed last month's webinar discussing what is involved in managing PAR on a daily basis can find a recording of it on our website, as well.

Remember: Proposals are due no later than Monday, October 31 to ASPA Chief of Communications, Marketing and Membership Karen Garrett. Contact her at 202-585-4313 with questions.

Please forward this message to your colleagues and networks that may be interested in this RFP.

E-Learning at Your Fingertips

ASPA staff work tirelessly to keep your skills up to date and the information flowing all year long through our e-learning program. Visit our website to see more details about upcoming KeepingCurrent, BookTalk and Students and New Professionals series programming.

KeepingCurrent: What Does Social Equity and Representative Bureaucracy Mean for a Globalized World?
September 20 | 1 p.m. EDT
Sponsored by ASPA's South Asian Section on Public Administration (SASPA)

Abhishek Bhati, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Bowling Green State University
Kim Moloney, Faculty Member, College of Public Policy, HBKU in Doha, Qatar
Sanjay Pandey, Moderator, Shapiro Professor of Public Policy and Public Administration, Trachtenberg School, The George Washington University

Social equity and representative bureaucracy have provided influential frameworks for public administration scholars and practitioners but most of the scholarly contributions in these areas take an American historical, social and political context as the default. This webinar raises important questions that need to be addressed to make these ideas relevant in the global context and will draw upon recently published Public Administration Review papers. Attendees will learn how: postcolonial theory provides a strong theoretical foundation to understand race and intersectional identity and a firm capacity to understand race relationships using the historical lens; postcolonial theory provides insights into the exploitation and subjugation of colonial subjects and how their identity is forever molded by the slave trade and exploitation of natural resources of countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America; West-derived hegemonic understandings of public administration limit the development of public administration practice and scholarship outside the West; the discipline and practice of public administration may increase its global dialogues by conversing with non-West actors and recognizing the limitations of Western data and theories; and the representative bureaucracy concept as developed in the West may not operate similarly in other contexts.

From the Archives
SASPA has been active in hosting webinars since its inception. Our webinar archives have a number of programs from this Section, including the following webinar held this past May.

KeepingCurrent: Disability Policy and Administration in South Asia: A Call to Action for Academics and Practitioners
Disability is acknowledged universally as a cross-cutting issue. However, numerous factors affect the mainstreaming of disability as an integral dimension of policymaking and administration in South Asia. This webinar explored academic and practitioner perspectives on disability policy and administration in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and South Africa. Speakers assessed the current climate for disability policy and administration in the region and examined the impediments to effective disability policy, programs and services. Intersectionality of disability, gender and poverty was explored to understand how scholarship should advance knowledge and awareness about this topic in the region and how public administration and policy practitioners should incorporate disability imperatives in government decisionmaking.

Interested in Student Loan Repayments? Here's an Update!

The last edition of Bridge, published on August 24, featured information about the Biden administration's student loan debt forgiveness executive order. A number of articles and news reports have been released since that time clarifying the order and providing more information.

Below, we have collected some of these pieces, which may be of interest to those affected by the order.


Your Chance to Provide Input on the Census

The U.S. Census Bureau has opened a public comment period, expiring November 15, 2022, to solicit advice, guidance, suggestions and improvements for the census.

This is the first time the census has asked for help in its decennial survey; developers are most interested in suggestions related to technology, data sources and tools that can encourage more people to respond to the survey in 2030.

Hard as it is to believe, the 2020 census closed almost two years ago, which means the Census Bureau is already two years closer to the 2030 count. Surveyors are revisiting challenges from 2020, planning for future technology and working quickly to start putting plans into place for the next census' launch. Public feedback will help the bureau finalize its operational design, which it hopes to have in place in 2024.

According to NextGov, "The notice cites a variety of factors that could affect participation in the 2030 census, including constrained fiscal environments, rapidly changing uses of technology, distrust in government, declining response rates, increasingly diverse populations and a growing mobile population that makes it difficult to locate individuals. The Census Bureau said in its request for comment that public feedback could help address these challenges and encourage more participation in the next count of U.S. residents."

The Census Bureau specifically is looking for feedback related to five areas:

  • Reaching and motivating people to participate
  • Using technology to make the census more user-friendly
  • Finding new data sources to increase data quality
  • Tailoring outreach strategies to contact more households
  • Providing more support to respondents
Those interested in providing feedback to the bureau can view the call for comments via the Federal Register here.


IPAA Hosts 2022 National Conference

With the theme, "Adapt: Australia in a changing world," the National Conference of the Institute of Public Administration—Australia (IPAA) will take place both in person and online from October 12-14, exploring Australia’s future in an increasingly uncertain world; the effects of change and the changes that we can affect. The program includes an impressive line-up of senior and thought leaders from across the public and private sector and academia. Crafted to provide both strategic and practical learning for all levels, it will equip attendees with the insight and connections to keep pace in a new hybrid, dynamic and unchartered world. Click here to register.

Tips and Resources

How to Succeed in Business If You Are an Introverted Leader
When we think of great leadership, we usually think of an outgoing individual who commands attention when they enter a room. But introverted leadership can be just as effective.

Just One Hour of Lost Sleep Saps Our Generosity
New research links lack of sleep to reduced generosity, suggesting a link between lost rest and broad social problems.

Channel of Choice: The End Goal for CX in Government
The federal government has to offer options that serve everyone while also improving customer experience.

Tracking Regulatory Changes in the Biden Era
The Brookings Center on Regulation and Markets Regulatory Tracker provides background information and status updates on a curated selection of particularly important regulatory changes. Using the tracker, you can learn more about the background of different rules, discover the impact of potential regulations and monitor a regulation’s progress through rulemaking.

The Perks of Positivity May Depend on Race and Culture
"There may be nuance in terms of what positive psychological factors protect people, depending on their race and their culture..."

Dr. Fauci to Young Scientists: Follow the Science and "Stay out of Politics"
After nearly six decades of civil service, Dr. Anthony Fauci hopes his post-government life will focus on inspiring the next generation of public servants.

In the News

Today's headlines contain plenty of news coverage of some of our nation's most pressing public administration challenges. ASPA has curated some of the most important stories from recent weeks. If you have not seen these yet, make sure you read them now!


Public Finance Public Service Social Equity


Members in the News

ASPA members are in the news in a variety of ways. If you have been featured, please send a link to the article to us and we will be happy to include it in a future newsletter.

FSU Public Administration Professor Earns Lifetime Achievement Award
ASPA member Fran Berry is awarded lifetime achievement award.

Agencies Really Are Missing an Opportunity by Downplaying Performance Information
By John Kamensky

Democracy Works: A Deep Dive into the Administrative State
Featuring Don Moynihan

Around Public Administration

Here are the most recent updates from across the profession. Did we miss you? Send us your news and we'll include it in the next round!

Upcoming Events:

Calls for proposals and other updates:
  • Institute for Peace and Dialogue Call for Participants
    The Institute for Peace and Dialogue has issued a newly launched three-month executive diploma program, with special modules of instruction and experienced trainers to give participants field-based education, wide professional experience and fruitful networking, appropriate for a variety of positions. This program targets titles including manager, program coordinator, human resources officer, case manager, mediator, public relations manager, mentor, coacher, arbitrator and more. Modules are "Leadership, HR Management, Coaching and Project Management" and "Peacebuilding, Alternative Dispute Resolution Mediation, Conflict Management, International Security and Law." Participants may join either module. Applications are due beginning February 10, 2023, depending on your module of choice. Scholarships are available. Click here for more information.

  • Award for Public Service Call for Nominations
    ASPA's Section on South Asian Public Administration (SASPA) is proud to announce a call for nominations for the 2023 Jai Mangal Paswan Award for Public Service. The award is named after Sh. Jai Mangal Paswan, chief engineer from the Indian Engineering Services, 1978 Batch, Government of India. Sh. Jai Mangal Paswan graduated with a B. Tech degree from Muzaffarpur Institute of Technology, Bihar and was the first engineer from his village, Sitamarhi, Bihar. He was a first generation officer from Sitamarhi district of Bihar, India and served as the deputy director general (coordination), Government of India. He pursued an MBA in Faculty of Management Studies (F.M.S), at the University of Delhi; he worked on the Intelligence Bureau Headquarters project by the Ministry of Home Affairs; he was involved with the Border Security Force, border fencing and lightening project in the Jaisalmer district; he served the Government of India for 38 years before retiring in 2016; and after his retirement, he served as a consultant for the National Institute of Technology, Delhi. During his life, he contributed immensely toward the development of society, guiding young officers and service aspirants. He was a tremendous source of inspiration for the people of his village and his family. This award is presented to honor the best paper submitted and presented at the ASPA Annual Conference in the field of public service in the South Asian region and carries a cash prize of $200.



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