ASPA Announces Candidates Elected to National Council

Terms begin March 2017

ASPA is pleased to announce the following individuals have been elected to serve on its National Council:

Vice President: Paul Danczyk
District I Representative: Michael Ahn
District II Representative: Angela Kline
District III Representative: Terry Murphy
District IV Representative: J. Paul Blake
District V Representative: Scena Webb
International Director: Allan Rosenbaum
Student Representative: Andrea Headley

The Vice President will serve for the next four years – as Vice President, President-Elect, President and Immediate Past President sequentially. Each District Representative and the International Director will each serve three-year terms; the Student Representative will serve a one-year term.

Thank you for those of you who voted in this year’s elections and took part in ASPA’s democratic process. 

Take a look at this webinar from 2015 to find out a bit more of what's required to be an ASPA leader.

Serving As An ASPA Leader
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