2017 Zambian Society for Public Administration Public Service Awards

November 24, 2017 at 6 p.m. | Interncontinental Hotel, Lusaka

Call for Nominations

The Zambian Society for Public Administration (ZSPA) is calling for nomination from individuals and organizations serving in public service, quasi-government institution, NGO, universities, colleges and health institutions. The Awards have been developed to recognize organizations that have demonstrated outstanding leadership by taking bold steps to improve Zambia, through advancements in public policy and management. Winners will be announced at the Annual Gala Dinner award to be held on Nov. 24, 2017, at Intercontinental Hotel, Lusaka.
Attendance Fee: K 500.00 per person
Guest of Honour: Dr Roland Msiska - Secretary to the Cabinet, Zambia
Guest Speaker:   Dr Paul Danczyk, ASPA Vice President & Director of Executive Education University of Southern California—Sol Price, USA

About the Awards

The Zambian Society for Public Administration Public Service Excellence Annual Awards (ZSPA – PSEA) are the most prestigious national recognition of excellence in public service and society at large.
The awards aim to recognize individuals and organizations that have demonstrated outstanding leadership by taking bold steps to improve Zambia, through advancements in Public Policy, Research, Leadership and Management. PSEA also seeks to recognize the institutional and individual contribution made by the Public Service, Civil society, scholars and society at large to enhance social welfare of every Zambians.

  • To reward service to citizens and motivate public servants in Zambia in order to sustain the momentum of innovation and the improvement of the delivery of public services
  • To collect and disseminate successful practices and experiences in public administration in order to support efforts for improvements in country level public service delivery
  • To promote, encourage and facilitate networking among institutions and organisations relevant to public administration and strengthen the networks of public administration and development
  • To enhance professionalism in the public service in rewarding the successful experiences in Innovations and excellence in the public service
  • To encourage equal participation from all citizens in the promotion of service excellence in public institutions.
  • Through success stories, to counterbalance any negative image of public administration, raise the image and prestige of public servants and revitalize public administration as a noble discipline on which development greatly depends;

Awards Categories

ZSPA Management Award
The Innovative Management Award celebrates all forms of Innovative management practices and policies in Public Service companies and organizations. This award recognizes innovative ideas and practices in all public organisations, and across all orders of governments and individuals which have had the greatest impact on an organization and industry at large.

ZSPA Organizational Excellence Award
This award, presented to an organization, recognizes outstanding applications of a systems approach to performance measurement that has resulted in a culture change, sustained improvements and demonstrated positive effects on government performance and accountability. The award recognizes an organization, rather than a person that has yielded outstanding results on a sustained basis. The organization may be selected from all levels of public service in government, as well as from international and public service nonprofit organizations.

ZSPA Public Integrity Award
The Public Integrity award celebrates Integrity in the Public Service. This award recognizes a person or a public service or non-governmental organization that have demonstrated high levels of integrity in their operations and processes.

Judges will look for evidence on how integrity has been incorporated into the organization's work ethic and values and how it has helped the organization achieve its core purpose and objective.
ZSPA Public Policy Research Award
This Award is intended to recognize excellence in a project led by research professionals working within or as an agency supplier to governments; universities, colleges, school boards, or other educational institutions or agencies; hospitals or other health care institutions or agencies; non-governmental organizations (NGOs) or other charitable organizations; special interest/advocacy groups, institutes, or
This category focus on individuals that have tremendously contributed to the development of public service. The awards aim to recognize individuals that have demonstrated outstanding leadership by taking bold steps to improve Zambia, through advancements in Public Policy, Research, Leadership and Management.

ZSPA Emerging Leader Excellence Award
The Award recognizes the achievements of an outstanding person serving in a public sector or not for profit organisation who are contributing to the growth of the Public service or public sector in general. This award recognizes and encourages a new generation of practitioners who are actively implementing performance management systems, innovating new practices and promoting the importance of performance and accountability within their governments and communities.

ZSPA Organizational Leadership Excellence Award

This award is given to a Director or supervisor in Ministry/Government Agency who has over the year demonstrated and championed service excellence in their department or ministry. The award is given to Public Practitioner who has made significant contributions both as an academic and practitioner. Award recipients will have distinguished themselves through their current active engagement in and contributions to developing the public service of the future.

ZSPA Public Servant of the Year Award
This award is given to an individual that has dedicated his /her service in public service in promoting service excellence. This award shall serve as a mark of distinction and exceptional achievement to a person who has shown distinctive leadership in public management service in Zambia, or who, by his/her writings or other endeavours, has made a significant contribution in the field of public administration in Zambia.
ZSPA Micheal Chilufya Sata Social Advocate Award
This is an inspiration award given to a person serving in public service or friends of government institution who have tirelessly dedicated themselves to the promotion of service excellence in communities they serve. Their activities are well renowned and are the source of national aspiration and admirations. It recognizes organizations or individuals who act as true advocates for social justice and whose lobbying or campaigning has influenced change in the community they serve.

John Mwanakatwe Education Excellence Award
Awarded to an individual whose outstanding teaching, education and training have made a significant contribution to the advancement of public service and community at large. This award also recognizes a person who has made outstanding contributions on a sustained basis rather than a single accomplishment.

Amba Prof. Royson Mukwena Scholarship Award
The Distinguished Scholarship is awarded for outstanding scholarship on performance in public and non-profit organizations. Preference is given to a scholarly work that is relevant to the broad public administration community and is of interest to both practitioners and academicians. The author(s) must provide a significant contribution to advancing knowledge in a scholarly journal about the development, implementation, use and impact of performance measurement. This award recognizes the research of an individual whose published work has had a substantial impact on the thought and understanding of public administration. It allows the public administration community to recognize an identifiable body of work by an individual that has had specific consequences for the way we think about the field.
Justice Irene Chirwa Mambilima Distinguished Award
The award has been established to honour the lifetime achievements of a dedicated person who ensures the presence of a courageous and independent bar and the maintenance of the role of the advocate in the administration of justice. The award is a lifetime achievements award that seeks to honour a pioneering and innovative leader of the Society whose career has been demonstrated characterized by:
•    Exemplary efforts to uphold legal and ethical standards locally, nationally and internationally
•    Sustained work to advance gender equality and diversity
•    Responsible, democratic and expert accomplishments in public affairs locally, nationally and globally
•    Mentorship of young academics and public servants who would seek to continue such professionalism in service to the public
Dr. Annie Chifungula Auding and Accounting Distinguished Award
Each year ZSPA will present this award to formally recognise individuals who have demonstrated sustained outstanding leadership and notable contributions to auditing and accounting in the public sector or not for profit organisation. The awards also stress practical, documented work that offers leadership to the profession and promotes improved public financial management. The award winner also must have exhibited long-term leadership in an auditing and financial environment; distinctive leadership and notable accomplishment in government auditing; innovative thinking and/or creative development of improvements in state government audit programs or techniques; and, recognised leadership and professionalism at the state level.

Dr. Kenneth Kaunda Social Equity Distinguished Award
This award recognizes lifetime achievement and effort in the cause of social equity. Candidates may be employees of government; employees in the non-profit sector; or employees of colleges and universities. Elected public officials are also eligible for the award. Employees from the private sector are also eligible for the award, but the emphasis is on achievement and effort in the public sector.

ZSPA International Public Administration Award
This award is given to a Zambian scholar who has dedicated himself or herself to a promotion of good governance and public administration internationally not only to Zambia but to other countries and their works inspire the international community.

Dr. Joshua Lawson Kanganja Lifetime Achievement Award
The award is awarded to a person who, during their lifetimes, have made creative contributions of outstanding significance to the development of public service. The award is also given to individuals who have exhibited a lifetime of achievement in public service at the national level. The award is also established to honour a public servant whose career accomplishments and contributions to public service are remarkable and distinguished.
ZSPA Corporate Citizenship Award
ZSPA CSR AWARDS is the premiere CSR and Sustainability accolade. The awards are aimed at identifying and celebrating best CSR organizations and personalities in Zambia especially those who are working in rural communities. The awards are aimed to acknowledge organization that is promoting the well being of citizens and good citizenship.
ZSPA Corporate Social Responsibility Project of the Year
The award is for organizations that have developed effective and comprehensive CSR programs that are credible, results driven, addresses core business values and reinforces commitment to operating in an economically, socially and environmentally responsible manner.
The award will be presented to the organization delivering effective activities and initiatives creating high impact, socially responsible presence. The organization future planned activities to change processes, to benchmark successes with an emphasis on whole-life impact of products and services, and to encourage clients and third parties to incorporate CSR in their processes, services and resources.

ZSPA Best Corporate Social Responsibility Education Project Award
This award is open to social responsibility programs that are developed with the aim of expanding learning, enhancing access to information and providing unique academic experiences.
ZSPA Outstanding Corporate Social Responsibility Individual Leadership Award
This award is open to corporations wishing to enter an individual who has shown outstanding corporate leadership in promoting socially responsible and ethical practices within their chosen field. Key achievements will include one or more major initiatives in social responsibility in which the entrant has played a significant leadership role.
ZSPA Best Corporate Social Responsibility Partnership in the Community
This award is open to any organization that has built and maintained a partnership with a not-for-profit entity in their community in the Community. The award will be given to the most innovative, engaged and successful community development partnership which has quantifiably demonstrated how it worked successfully to influence the community, the number of individuals it impacted and if it continues to deliver long-term impact. The measurement of relevant activities includes innovation, integration and another impact that foster improved relations between an organisation and a community group and include measurable benefits for the community group.

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